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Flashmob - The Opera

October will see the next London Flashmob happen but this time the BBC is taking part.

“A flashmob is a spontaneous gathering, organised secretively by email or text message and subject to meticulous timing.

For the first time ever, opera comes live to BBC THREE with the aid of a flashmob.

Flashmob - The Opera has all the ingredients to cause a stir: football fans, a broken engagement and a potential love-triangle - taking place amongst commuters in one of Britain’s busiest railway stations.

Adding their voices to the excitement, members of the public will be sent a text message on the day of the live broadcast, asking them to form a flashmob. ” via bbc press release.

Flashmobbers will be invited to go along to a railway station and join in with the professional Opera singers on the night.  The opera will be broadcast on BBC3.

More info as we get it.

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